Kerry Brogan is a daughter of the digital revolution.

Born swimming the backstroke in the new media ocean, she quickly rose to the top of the multimedia food chain by teaching herself audio mixing and video editing. Building on a powerful intuition for visual storytelling, she chose the challenging educational path of pursuing a liberal arts degree (major concentration in visual communication with a dual minor in fine arts and theology) instead of nerd certification (though there’s still plenty of nerd in there).

Kerry’s always looking for a new bell to ring or whistle to blow in her video projects, but the beating heart of her work is CONTENT. Are there stories outside the mainstream begging to be told? Will the media of the future amplify voices traditionally shut out of the conversation? Can videography make the world a better place?

Kerry’s search for answers to these and other questions has taken her across the United States and Canada, to Europe, Africa, Australia, South America, and an upcoming project in Antarctica – winning her a place among the elite and very small fraternity of Six-Continent Videobloggers.

Kerry shoots and cuts video for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

And she’s always hungry.